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The international home port of Rabobank

We helped Rabobank with their new dotcom. And all of this in just four months. A fully responsive website with a rich user experience. A website everybody at Rabobank is proud of. And to be honest, so are we.

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One homepage

A central starting point which shows the richness of Rabobank. Large visual elements show the visitor what is currently going on in the international world of Rabobank.

A personal and approachable bank

We wanted to show the enthusiasm of the people of Rabobank. Therefore, we chose an approachable tone of voice. An example of this is the quote on the homepage. A quote from or about Rabobank. This way an equal ‘relationship’ between the bank and the visitor of the website is established.

A wide range of audiences

The .com serves diverse audiences. From press to investors. From large corporates to strayed international Rabobank clients. All of these users have their own domain within and sometimes outside the website. All these navigation flows, next to - needless to say - a clear navigation, are captured with a hub element. A striking orange block on the home page that sends each target group in the right direction.


Obviously, a .com of an international bank needs to provide insight into the financial statements, the products that are offered and how to get in touch. But besides this specific (and essential) ‘business’ content, we want to tell real stories about where this bank stands for. Stories about people, inside or outside the bank. People who feel what the bank is about and have that certain charisma that also defines Rabobank.

The new navigation structure: designed from the viewpoint of the end user.

Navigate through content

There is a lot of content on the site. A LOT of content. To disclose all of this with a simple and clear navigation is an illusion. Therefore we let the visitors primarily navigate through the content instead. Navigational elements and call-to-actions are shown only where and when they are relevant. This way the site can stay simple and clear in its use.

Together with Rabobank we’ve developed the new .com content strategy

Magazine Look and Feel

We set ourselves the goal to create a rich user experience. This is the reason why we’ve enriched the existing content visually. Slightly similar to how Rabobank produces its brochures, flyers and magazines.
Gorgeous photography, large titles, visually distinguishable leads, drop caps and quotes. These are all examples of the visual fidelity that improves the user experience by a great deal.

Responsive from mobile to desktop

A fully responsive website is usually optimised for all screen sizes. Ranging from desktop monitors to smart phones. By making the right decisions while reworking the hierarchy of content pages, the site is now optimised for every situation. Whether the user sits behind a computer, or is quickly searching something his or her phone.

Previewing our progress with flyers and posters has led to enormous enthusiasm within Rabobank.

International branded

Rabobank is a typically Dutch bank. Down to earth, clear, and with a farmer’s personality. Everyone in The Netherlands knows the bank by these properties. Abroad this is different. In those cases you’d want to convey the Dutch roots together with the international brand.
That’s why we tried to find a balance between the down to earth farmer’s bank and the international brand of the bank.

An efficient and flexible design process

With a lot of stakeholders, a complex website and a tight deadline you have got to be very nimble. That’s why worked in a iterative ‘scrum agile’ process to be able to get concrete as fast as possible together. At the start of this process we didn’t make a giant detailled plan, instead we created a project outline, and immediately started designing. By doing quick design iterations the team was able to, at any given moment, for which reason whatsoever, anticipate to new requirements or approaches. By applying the ‘rules’ of scrum the outlines were safeguarded, on a short term the goals were set, and the stakeholders and product owners were actively informed and involved in everything that needed to be created.

From innovation to implementation

Before anything new can be realised there has to be innovation. An innovation team, together with the project owner, started sketching a feasible dream goal which we constantly validated with stakeholders and the end user. During the implementation process we’ve merged the innovation team with the technical development team. By working in-house we’ve come a viable design proposal. Thereafter, we’ve built this in a scrum setting. Technical adjustments that needed to be done were effectively solved by making design changes. By working together closely, working agile, and with clear communication across all disciplines (design, development and content), in a very short period of time, we’ve completed the redesign of .com.

Together with

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